Aboveground Pools Ready Made and Custom Made

Aboveground Pools Ready Made

Above Ground Pools

These are the traditional steel pools that the world knows best. The are made of top quality materials but they vary only slightly from the pools that filled the backyards thirty years ago. Still a very good choice, they come in a variety of sizes and warranties

Soft Sided Portable Aboveground Pools Ready Made

Soft Sided Portable Pools

Don’t let the soft nature of these pools fool you, they are the toughest pools available. With bullet proof liners, multiple layers and special plasticizers only available from legacy pools these pools can stand up to any thing you through at them… teenagers, dogs whatever!

Made To Order Pools

Custom Above Ground Pools

If you don’t find the pool you are looking for in the ready made selection we can always make one for you. With our special relationship with Legacy Pools USA we can make pools up to 250ft long and 7ft deep.  Just ask one of our pool masters.

 Aboveground Pool Deck Kits

Above Ground Pools W/ Decks

Are you looking for an all in one package. These swimming pools with decks included are a very simple, affordable yet elegant way to get what you want. No contractor needed and no permits, just the ability to to fasten a bolt and turn a screw.

 Dog Pools

Above Ground Pools For Dogs

We also specialize in pools for dogs. Weather for the family pooch or dozens of dogs in a dog daycare, these Legacy Pools can and do stand up to the use. Our pools are used in back yards, dog daycares and  dock dog jumping competitions all over the world!

 Fitness Pools

Endless Exercise Pools

We have a complete range of fitness pools, from an super economical restrain system , to the endless pool style of swim system pool all the way to complete swim spas.  If you want to get in the swim and in the trim, these pools are for you.

Above Ground Swimming Pools